For schools, colleges, and universities, security is a key concern, especially in recent years. One way many schools are increasing their overall level of security is with ID card programs. These ID card programs help to control access to school facilities, by identifying all students, faculty and staff, and in some cases requiring all visitors to register before entering school grounds. With an ID system in place, it’s much easier to make sure that everyone wandering the school hallways actually has a reason for being there.

While the security benefits of school ID programs are easy to visualize, it’s important to note that these cards can also serve a variety of additional functions. Many schools integrate student ID cards into such applications as meal plan programs, library checkout processes, computer room access, clubs and societies, vending machine payments, and they can even double as bus passes in some instances.

It’s clear that ID cards are now a fixture at many schools. While they’ve always been popular in college and university settings, more and more high schools, middle schools, and even elementary schools are now finding ways to benefit from secure ID card programs.