How Visitor Management Systems, School ID Cards & ID Badges, Help Keep Students Safe on Campus

Student ID systems are increasingly being used in educational institutions to help keep students and staff safe on campus. These systems use visitor management software to identify who is allowed access to the premises, as well as helping staff and faculty monitor visitor movement within buildings. In addition, visitor management systems can also be used for security purposes such as tracking student attendance or monitoring visitor activity. By using these systems, campuses can better protect their students and staff while ensuring that all visitors follow standard protocols when entering the premises. One such option to manage visitors is ID cards.

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What are School ID Cards?

These cards typically are made of plastic and contain an RFID chip in them. This chip will be activate when the card is place onto a card reader, which then communicates to the central VMS. They are a combination of hardware and software. When scanned the cards talk to the visitor management software to identify who the person is, and if they are allowed to enter the school grounds or specific rooms on campus. Student attendance and visitor activity can also be tracked with these cards. By using them, schools can make sure everyone is accounted for, and follows their rules. ID cards will often have pictures of the person issued the card. This way security teams can match the card holder and owner.

Visitor ID Badges

Visitor ID badges are another great way to manage visitor movement on campus and keep students safe. Unlike student ID cards, visitor ID badges are not associated with any specific person and do not contain any personal information. Instead, visitor ID badges allow access to certain areas of the campus based on access level. They are normally colour coded.


Bio-metric identification is an increasingly popular method of visitor management for schools and other educational institutions. This technology uses physical features such as fingerprints, hand geometry, facial recognition and iris scans to identify people. It works by scanning the unique characteristics of a person’s body or face in order to verify their identity. Bio-metric identification systems are used in conjunction with visitor management software to ensure only authorized individuals can access a given area or building on campus. These systems help keep students safe while also providing additional security measures that go beyond traditional visitor ID cards or badges. However, there are concerns about privacy when it comes to Bio-metric identification.


Our Summary:

Schools and other educational institutions are increasingly implementing visitor management systems to help keep students and staff safe on campus. These systems use visitor management software, ID cards, visitor ID badges, and biometric identification to track visitor movement within buildings, monitor student attendance and visitor activity, identify who is allowed access to the premises, all in order to keep students and staff sage.