Benefits of university ID cards

Universities today are on top of their game when it comes to creating functional and versatile ID card programs that benefit students and make campus life much more efficient. In addition to making campuses more secure, university ID card programs wear many different hats across campus.

ID cards are central to dining for college students. Student ID cards are used in dining halls, at on-campus eateries, and even in vending machines for late night snacks. Parents and students can load money onto ID cards through online systems and use them like debit cards. If students get tired of eating of dining hall food, an ID card often garners discounts from popular off-campus restaurants at many universities.

Many buildings across campus are accessed using ID cards including dorms, classrooms after hours, fitness facilities, the library and more. ID cards are used to checkout equipment and books, making copies and printing, and even doing loads laundry.

One of the most popular applications for students gives students ticketless access to university athletic events. Students can sign up for tickets online and have them loaded on their student ID cards. A simple swipe on game day lets them in to root on the home team.