Increase school safety with visitor ID badges

A visitor management program is a great way increase safety on school grounds. In recent years, it’s become increasingly popular for schools of all types to issue temporary visitor badges as a way to identify any outsider who wishes to enter the school facilities. You’ll see these types of systems in high schools, middle schools, even elementary schools; it’s all about creating a more secure environment for students, faculty and staff.

Most schools print visitor badges on either paper or on PVC cards using an ID card printer. The badge will usually include the visitor’s name, and some visitor badge systems allow you to include the visitor’s photo which is taken on the spot with a digital camera. With an electronic visitor management system, the visitor’s info and photo can be stored in a database along with visitation details. Some systems also provide schools with the ability to run background checks of visitor against watch lists. In order for the visitor to enter the school, he or she must first clear the background check.

By requiring visitors to wear ID badges, it’s easy to see whether or not someone has already registered at the reception area. Anyone without a badge clearly hasn’t checked in, and needs to be directed to the front desk. This process helps to eliminate potential threats by deterring intruders and making sure everyone on the school grounds actually has a reason to be there.