Security benefits of school ID cards

Student ID cards carry great benefits in a small package. Along with identifying students and faculty who belong on campus, student ID programs are incorporated into all aspects of campus life, making campus operations more streamlined and efficient.

A wide range of benefits come with starting a school ID program. ID cards allow access to on-campus buildings eliminating the need for keys and increasing security. If ID cards are lost, a new one can be easily and cost-efficiently issued and the lost card immediately deactivated. Access is controlled easily because visitation rights can be easily controlled through a central computer system. Access to computer databases on campus can be controlled with student ID cards as well protecting resources and sensitive information.

Student ID cards make life on campus easier for students. ID cards can be used like debit cards at on-campus eateries, dormitory cafeterias, and vending machines. In addition, student IDs often garner discounts off-campus as well.